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Educators & school teachers

UOW runs a number of professional development opportunities, and information sessions, for teachers and educators across our Wollongong, regional and metropolitan campuses.

Current Professional Development opportunities

Unpacking the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus

Quantum, atomic and nuclear physics concepts & experiments in 'The nature of light' & 'From the universe to the atom'

This workshop helps teachers gain deep understanding of Atomic and Nuclear Physics concepts which feature in Topic 7, The Nature of Light; and Topic 8, From the Universe to the Atom of the Stage 6 Curriculum.

Teachers will use specialist apparatus in our teaching laboratories to carry out key experiments underpinning Topics 7 and 8, including:

  • Properties of alpha, beta and gamma radiation;
  • Photoelectric effect and determining Planck's constant;
  • Spectroscopy using spectroscopes and fibre-optic spectrometers and determining the Rydberg constant;
  • Charge to mass ratio of the electron;
  • Electron diffraction

Date: 8 May 2019
Location: UOW Wollongong
Time: 9am-4pm

Registrations closed

For further information: stem-outreach@uow.edu.au

STEM+X: The use of robotics as a teaching tool

This workshop will introduce primary school teachers to the RobotC programming Language utilizing virtual Lego NXT robots. The RobotC program is an environment which can be used to teach the basics of coding and programming as well as reinforce basic concepts of physics, electronics and mathematics through programming. Robot Virtual Worlds is a high-end simulation environment that enables students, without robots, to learn programming.

Date: 8 May 2019
Location: UOW Wollongong
Time: 9am-5pm

Registrations closed

For further information: stem-outreach@uow.edu.au

Careers Advisers & parents

Keep in touch with updates and upcoming events coming out of UOW. Check out the Careers Advisers and Parents page!

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