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Message to students - 24 April, 2023

Message to students - 24 April, 2023

Dear Students, I hope you are all well and continue to enjoy your time at UOW. I wanted to share some news about exciting happenings in our community.

The inspiring life of Professor Justin Yerbury

On Monday 24 April, from 3.30 to 5 pm, we’ll have a very special instalment of the UOW Luminaries series featuring Professor Justin Yerbury, a molecular biologist making significant contributions to our understanding of motor neurone disease (MND). Despite his own battle with the disease, which has left him able only to move his eyeballs, Professor Yerbury remains committed to finding a cure and continues to lead his team with passion and dedication. Whether you’re interested in the medical or personal aspect of Professor Yerbury’s story, this is an opportunity to celebrate his remarkable achievements and learn more about the exciting research happening in the MND space. I encourage you all to and attend.

Community mapping of unsafe areas around Wollongong

There’s another important community project that I am passionate about called Safer Cities: Her Way. It is a collaborative partnership between Transport for NSW and Wollongong City Council aiming to improve perceptions of safety for women, girls and gender-diverse people when travelling to, through and within public spaces and transport hubs. I hope the pilot project will create guidelines and sustainable solutions to make our public spaces safe and inclusive for all. Everyone can contribute by mapping safe/unsafe areas.

Are you into sport?

Sport is part of UOW’s DNA, and we’re very proud of our commitment to promoting sports education and getting everyone moving, as it’s healthy and helps to build community. If you have a passion for sports, come along to the UniSport Nationals trials, which take place from 24 April to 4 May. There will be trials for football, basketball, volleyball and more.

Make sure you register for and attend at least one trial to be considered for selection, as the end goal is to join more than 200 UOW students for an exciting week of competitions on the Gold Coast in September 2023. More information can be found Unisport Nationals via Uniactive.

UOW art treasures head to the Sutherland Shire

 Firstly, two new UOW exhibitions have just opened at the Hazelhurst Arts Centre in the Sutherland Shire, which is just a short drive or picturesque train ride away from Wollongong.

The first exhibition, , showcases some of the best artworks from UOW's rich 5000-piece art collection, with some truly remarkable Australian artists, such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Lloyd Rees, James Gleeson, Elizabeth Cummings, Ben Quilty, Lindy Lee, Tracey Moffatt, Adam Cullen and more.

The second exhibition is equally exciting. Organised as a partnership between Hazelhurst and our Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Vital Signs is an annual graduate show of UOW visual arts students. What an incredible opportunity it is for them to exhibit their work outside the university walls and share their vision with a broader audience. I encourage all of you to attend this amazing exhibition and support your talented colleagues.

There will also be a chance to enjoy the artworks after dark, as the centre is organising the Hazelhurst At Night event on Friday 26 May, with live music, artist demonstrations, exhibition tours and artmaking activities.

In fact, these exhibitions reminded me of the inspiring story of Ben Quilty, a UOW graduate who has become one of Australia's most celebrated artists, renowned for his powerful and emotive style. He started his career as a bricklayer before studying Fine Arts at UOW in the 1990s; the rest is history. His story is a testament to the fact that it's never too late to follow your dreams and pursue your passions.

Good luck for your exams!

To all of our Trimester 1 Students, as you prepare to tackle your exams this week, we want to remind you that success is within your reach. Trust yourself, your abilities and your preparation, and let your knowledge and understanding shine through. You’ve got this!

ANZAC Day public holiday

Finally, as we approach the ANZAC Day public holiday tomorrow, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by our servicemen and servicewomen. This year marks the 50th anniversary since Australian troops were withdrawn from Vietnam, with Vietnam Veterans leading the ANZAC Day March in Wollongong. While we take this day off work/studies, it is important we honour the memories of those who served our country.

My best,