Building the future

Building the future

Bachelor of Engineering student Bailey Morris has been awarded a $15,000 from property developer Risland Australia to support him over a three-year period. 

The scholarship is the first of its kind from Risland Australia and was available to University of Wollongong (UOW) engineering students from the Macarthur region, southwest of Sydney. 

“I enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering at UOW as I had heard about the astounding possibilities that stem from studying here from other graduates - from the resources provided at the campus library to the support programs like peer assisted learning. Receiving the Risland Scholarship in Engineering was a pleasant surprise and very welcome award,” says Bailey. 

“My fascination with understanding the way things work and how they can be applied or implemented in a variety of ways led me to pursue a career in engineering. I have always had an interest in problem solving and working as part of a team to reach a common goal.” 

Scholarship recipients had to be from the Macarthur region, where Risland’s latest development project is taking place, and have likeminded values to support community and sustainability. 

"I plan to use the course content and corresponding knowledge to become a successful engineer and hopefully give back to the Macarthur community by assisting as a developer in infrastructure to promote sustainable urban development across the region,” he says.  

A bonus for students and industry

Scholarships like this from Risland Australia provide ample opportunity to young students with a budding interest in helping their community, says Rose Watt, Associate Director of Donor Relations at UOW. 

“Scholarships can change lives and are a vital part of our university. They provide students who are most in need with crucial support. At UOW, our student body is one of the most diverse in any Australian higher education institution with more than 30 per cent of students coming from rural and remote areas.” 

“The Risland Scholarship is an important partnership between the University, students and the construction industry. Partnerships can be a pathway for employment for the students, and provide industry partners with well trained, qualified graduates. 

“We are grateful to Risland Australia for their support, which is not just about the University, but the students who benefit from the partnership, especially bright young students who might otherwise struggle. UOW was founded by generous donations by community members who had a desire for higher education in their region,” says Ms Watt. 

“We are happy to continue to partner with people and organisations to extend this legacy. This partnership with Risland Australia moves us one step closer to supporting and investing in a greater number of students in need.” 

Risland Australia’s CEO Dr Guotao Hu says it’s important for companies to invest in the future workforce of their industry.  

“UOW provides an invaluable service to students in the local area seeking to further their educational opportunities. Students studying at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences are aspiring engineers and information technology professionals that develop new technologies which drive a positive difference globally,” he says. 

“Risland Australia focuses on finding opportunities to invest in the lives of young people. As a UOW partner, it is an honour to support Bailey in his future engineering endeavours and we look forward to following his progress over the next three years.” 

This story has been adapted from a press release and video by Risland Australia. 

Watch the interview with Bailey Morris and Rose Watt

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