Deakin and InfraBuild Announce Collaborations on Wire & Reinforcing Products

Deakin and InfraBuild Announce Collaborations on Wire & Reinforcing Products

With the Steel Research Hub continuing to build momentum and capability since beginning operations in June 2021, two new projects are ready to launch.

The projects bring together Deakin University, Infrabuild Wire and InfraBuild Manufacturing to deliver advancements across both wire and reinforcing products.

Infrabuild Wire is Australia's largest supplier and only galvanised wire manufacturer. Producing an extensive range of wire products, including both bright (uncoated) or in-line galvanised finishes, for the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural industry. Infrabuild (Manufacturing) is the largest integrated manufacturer and supplier of steel long products and solutions, and one of the largest metals recycling businesses, in Australia.

In the first project, aimed at improving the life of “Hot Dip Coated Wire”, the team will deliver process and material innovations to InfraBuild Wire’s hot dipped coated steel wire products, targeting greatly enhanced durability in a variety of conditions. An initial strategy to improve corrosion resistance, while maintaining sufficient ductility, will focus on optimal levels of additions and thermal processing. Outcomes from the research into these new alloys and processes will allow near-term commercial adoption. Next-generation, environmentally friendly protective coating formulations will also be designed and developed, with a longer-term view towards commercial adoption.

The project team consists of Deakin’s A/Prof Daniel Fabijanic and Dr Anthony Somers, Infrabuild Wire’s Technical Director, Bradley Taylor, and Associate Researchers, Malcolm Robertson, Dr Lauren Andrews and Dr Robert Fabien. Two Post-doctoral Research Fellows and two PhD students will be employed to undertake the main research activities, including the support of on-site commercial trials, delivery of new coating formulations, and the sand testing of new coatings.

The second project “Strong and Ductile Steel Reinforcement Products”, will investigate process improvements that induce optimal strength-ductility balance in reinforcing construction steel products. After developing and understanding these property relationships, the team will design alloys to maximise the product performance and conduct up-scaling industrial trials within InfraBuild Manufacturing. The product advancements will provide the construction industry with greater performance and reliability.

The Project Team consists of Deakin’s A/Prof Daniel Fabijanic, and Infrabuild Manufacturing’s Innovation and Intellectual Property Manager Dr Robert Fabien and Associate Researchers Graeme McGregor, Anthony Ng, Greg Morris, and Sharmy Francis. A Post-doctoral Research Fellow will be employed to drive the delivery of the research outcomes.

The Steel Research Hub wishes the two project teams the very best in delivering the ambitious and exciting research programs.