The University of Wollongong remains popular destination for students

The University of Wollongong remains popular destination for students

UOW Early Admission becoming pathway of choice, with 40 per cent growth since 2017

The University of Wollongong (UOW) remains a preferred destination for a growing number of students seeking higher education opportunities. While applications through the traditional University Admissions Centre (UAC) have declined, students are increasingly favouring the student-centric approach offered by UOW's Early Admission program.

Over recent years, the University of Wollongong has seen a significant increase in Early Admission applications, increasing by 40 per cent on average since 2017. Students are increasingly drawn to UOW’s personalised Early Admission option, which is a departure from conventional ATAR-only based admission via UAC.

The shift suggests a growing appetite among students for this more student centric approach, which looks beyond academic success for indicators of their potential.  The Early Admission program considers a range of factors, including extracurricular activities, community involvement, and personal achievements.

“The University is pleased with ongoing healthy demand for our high-quality undergraduate offerings. Overall domestic demand is in fact up, compared to previous years – and I’m looking forward to welcoming students to the University in 2024” said Eileen McLaughlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & Student Life).

“The shift to a more student-centric admission process, underscores our commitment to putting students first. We understand the expectations of today's aspiring students, their academic ambitions, and the demands of global employers. Which is why the University focuses heavily on improving access to higher education, academic excellence, and graduate outcomes” said Patricia M. Davidson, UOW Vice-Chancellor and President.