Students think outside the box for online sensory event

Students think outside the box for online sensory event

Public relations students work with Careways Community to educate the public about the benefit of multi-sensory spaces

University of Wollongong (UOW) Public Relations students have been thinking outside the box to help organise an online event to highlight the value of multi-sensory spaces.

Originally tasked with organising an in-person event, students in the PR Campaigns subject were thrown a COVID-19 curveball and had to move the event to an online format.

The result is the SENSE Spaces Live Digital Event which will educate people about the value of multi-sensory spaces, with a focus on one at the Horsley Community Centre. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the event online from midday to 1.15pm on Tuesday 12 May.

A multi-sensory space is an environment where the primary senses are stimulated through the use of sensory based materials. The spaces can provide a safe, non-threatening environment for anybody to experience a range of sensory stimuli, allowing people to have fun, irrespective of their behavioural, emotional, or physical needs. 

Public Relations Lecturer Dr Sue Slowikowski says organising the event has been stressful for students, but they’ve managed to overcome some hurdles to create a great online experience.

“Not only will this event highlight an invaluable multi-sensory space in our community, it showcases some of the practical skills that Public Relations students are being equipped with in their degree,” she said.

“If anything, the challenges presented by COVD-19 have shown the need for students to be problem solvers, adaptable and good communicators, which are vital skills for students seeking a career in public relations.”

Attendees of the online event will hear from a range of guest speakers who will discuss the role multi-sensory spaces can play in a variety of contexts, answer live Q&A questions, and share personal reflections on their experience with SENSE Spaces sensory room. Participants will also have an opportunity to take part in an online guided meditation during the event.

To express your interest please RSVP here.

For additional information visit the Facebook page. Event participants need their computer and mobile phone handy for the event.