WorkCover and university renew safety commitment

WorkCover and university renew safety commitment

WorkCover NSW and the University of Wollongong (UOW) officially reinforced their commitment to the safety of the University’s workers and students through the renewal of their safety alliance on 5 March. 

The safety alliance involves WorkCover and UOW working in partnership to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses for staff, students, visitors and contractors as well as implementing effective injury management systems. The alliance, which was signed in 2011, addresses the unique work health and safety challenges that a university presents. 

General Manager of WorkCover’s Work Health and Safety Division, John Watson said the alliance had seen a number of initiatives implemented which enhance safety on campus. 

“UOW is one of the largest employers in the Illawarra with more than 2,000 full time staff plus contractors and a number of small businesses,” Mr Watson said. 

“With so many staff, students and visitors coming on and off campus every day, this presents unique work health and safety challenges to ensure everyone returns home safely to their friends and families. The University has had a proactive approach to managing these challenges and can be proud of its WHS performance over the years.” 

A number of initiatives such as awareness sessions for staff, students and contractors about construction projects have been implemented as part of the safety alliance.

The Manager for Health and Safety at UOW, Mr Darren Smith, said: “The alliance has further strengthened the University’s proactive approach to preventing workplace injuries and illness for its staff, students and visitors through the collaboration of WorkCover and university expertise."

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