Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones

This challenge supports research efforts that advance our understanding of coastal and marine areas, factors that influence their current state and long-term health, and how humans can protect and sustain these environments for generations to come. Healthy coastal and maritime spaces are vitally important to the global environment, food security, economic and cultural health, however, population growth, growing pressures on resources and sea-level rise are among the of myriad of challenges confronting the future of these critical, yet vulnerable habitats.

Blue Carbon Futures

Investigating the challenges and opportunities for mangrove carbon sequestration in different spatial and socio-economic settings globally.

Dragging the Chain

Discovering how anchor chains up to a 100 metres in length, impact upon the ocean floor at popular ports.

Project Airship

Keeping people safe from sharks while minimising environmental harm.

ECO Antarctica

Establishing a network and a series of public events to help protect Antarctica.

Launching a Blue Economy

Maximising the social, environmental, and economic benefits derived from the oceans

Fish, Food, Security

Positioning food security as the central drive for sustainably managing coastal fisheries in the Pacific islands.

Mapping the Islands

Exploring the efficacy of maps, drawings, and story-telling for communicating how recent environmental changes are impacting the Great Barrier Reef.

Tuna Governance

Addressing the political stalemate that is undermining the sustainable management of the Pacific tuna fisheries.

Heavy Metal

Protecting coastal zones from heavy metal pollution from the mining industries.

Illawarra Maritime Industries

Understanding the historical context which underpins contemporary economies, cultures and practices

Gas Emissions in Estuaries

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions from carbon sinks.

Peta Jakarta

Harnessing social media as a real time tool for reporting and communicating vital information about flood conditions.