Harnessing generative AI in the workforce

The future workplace has rapidly evolved in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, particularly with the rise and popularity of Generative AI (GAI), ushering in new possibilities and challenges.

This research proposal aims to investigate the synergies between the potential of rapidly advancing technological innovations and the solutions required to mitigate the socio-professional challenges arising from using GAI.

The focus of this study spans across diverse sectors, including business, healthcare, education, and technology, aiming to identify strategies for effectively harnessing opportunities while addressing gaps within future workforce. This research will also seek to explore potential opportunities across countries in terms of these challenges and identify country-specific strategies to address them.

By understanding the global landscape, decision-makers can develop contextually appropriate approaches to leverage GAI while ensuring inclusive and sustainable workforces through curricular changes or upskilling opportunities and more.

Research clusters

Project Coordinator: Yiyan BIan (BAL-Dubai)

Research cluster 1: AI in healthcare

Lead Investigator: Yenna Salamonson (SMAH -Wollongong)

Research cluster 2: AI in business

Lead Investigator: Yiyang Bian (BAL - Dubai)

Research cluster 3: AI in education

Lead Investigator: Lynn Sheridan (ASSH - Wollongong)

Research cluster 4: AI in technology

Lead Investigator: Zeenath Reza Khan (EIS- Dubai)