Brain Iron Research Fund

About the Brain Iron Research Fund

Leading University of Wollongong researchers have discovered what appears to be an important new type of brain cell with vital roles in regulating brain iron, energy and healthy brain function. They are collaborating with other Australian and global universities to determine the central roles for these cells in Alzheimer’s disease — now the second most common cause of death in Australia – and related disorders and life-threatening conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and cancer. 

In particular the research intends to establish conclusively if these new cells are unrecognized forms of known brain cell types or are indeed a completely new cell type, a discovery likely to have major repercussions for all areas of neuroscience. 

What your gift could achieve

With your support, this research will directly benefit people living with or at risk of developing a range of brain disorders, by helping families, healthcare providers and support networks to make informed decisions about appropriate management and treatment options. 

Your gift could also help our researchers develop new drugs to help prevent and treat brain conditions involving these cells. 

  • $55 - will pay for reagents needed to study healthy cells in the lab  
  • $550 - will help cover costs of testing tissue from local and international brain banks to study these new cells in different brain conditions
  • $1200 - will help pay for AI software for high level data analysis
  • $5000 - will help develop new treatments targeting these cells

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