A lady who is wearing yellow overalls and holding a paintbrush as she sits on a chair. A colourful swirly canvas is behind.

Will Ai steal my job and my joy? A conversation amongst creatives

In this dynamic discussion, we will delve into the potential and concerns of integrating AI into creative practices. Our esteemed panel of experts will share their unique perspectives, offering insights into both the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in their respective fields. 

Our panel includes: 

  • Professor Brian Yecies, a communications expert, will share his insights on the transition from traditional comics to webtoons and the resistance encountered during this shift. 
  • Dr Elena Walsh, a scholar in the philosophy of psychology and AI, will provide a deep dive into the emotional and ethical implications of AI in creative work. 
  • Associate Professor Agnieszka Golda, a visual artist who blends living and non-living forms with technology, will offer her viewpoints on how AI influences her artistic process.  
  • Lucy Batley from Traction Industries UK and Alumni Kachina Dimmock from Collective Catalysts, both of whom have successfully incorporated AI into their businesses, will discuss their experiences and the innovative possibilities AI brings to design and marketing. 

Moderated by Dr Roba Abbas, an extensively published academic who’s research, focuses on socio-technical ecosystems, intersects society, technology, ethics, and regulation, this session promises to foster robust conversation, whether you're an advocate for AI or have reservations about its impact. 

Potential discussion topics include: 

  • How AI is transforming creative workflows and the potential for increased efficiency. 
  • The ethical considerations of using AI in creative fields and its impact on authenticity. Will ‘real’ trump ‘manufactured’ in most peoples eyes? 
  • The emotional and psychological effects of AI on artists and creators. 
  • Real-world examples of AI integration in literature, visual arts, and design. 
  • The balance between human creativity and machine assistance. 
  • Strategies for creatives to adapt to the changing landscape and leverage AI as a tool rather than a threat. 
  • The role of AI in enhancing or diminishing job satisfaction and joy in creative professions. 

 Expect to gain invaluable insights into how AI is reshaping the creative landscape, learn about the latest trends and technologies, and explore the ethical and practical implications of AI in creative fields. This event is perfect for creatives, technologists, educators, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and creativity. 

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