T. S Eliot's The Waste Land in performance

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    Recurs every day until Saturday 29th Apr 2023
  • Wollongong Campus
    Jillian Broadbent Building

The Waste Land is the most influential poem of the twentieth century. T.S. Eliot’s haunting vision of a spiritually barren post-war Europe is brought to life in a performance which draws out the poem’s vast array of characters as well as its rich lyrical language, all the while complemented by the rich sounds of the cello.

The music will feature passages of improvisation, original composition, and direct quotation from the work of some of the most important composers of the twentieth century, including Sibelius, Shostakovich, and Schoenberg.

Dates: April 26-29
Venue: Jillian Broadbent Building 29.G04 at 7:30pm