Neurodivergence, Identity and Self-determination

  • - - (Everyday)
  • Building 20, UOW Wollongong

My Life My Decisions Inc in partnership with UOW and the Autism and Neurodivergent Alliance - bring you their first conference.

This conference will focus on bringing together four groups: neurodivergent and autistic individuals, families, educators and service providers and researchers to explore perspectives on the environments, opportunities, actions and connections that foster a positive sense of lifelong identity, self-determination and belonging.

Through the conference we aim to provide a space and opportunity for respectful dialogue in order to develop shared understandings and collaborations to address current issues, barriers and priorities in the autistic and neurodivergent community.

Drawing on lived experience of autistic and neurodivergent individuals and their families will form a centrepoint for presentations and discussions across the two days. By also bringing in presenters with experience as professionals and researchers, we aim to map a shared vision that connects rather than divides us.

Hear from Autistic and Neurodivergent Individuals and Family members as Keynote speakers including:

  • Grace Tame
  • Yenn Purkins
  • Melanie Heyworth
  • Randa & Richard Habelrih
  • Tim & Judy Sharpe
  • Dr James Best
  • Benison O'Reilly