HDR Workshop: Your Mind, Your HDR

Presenter: Anna Beniuk - Student Mental Health Specialist, Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Team

You will experience bad days which may lead to bad weeks and real hiccups in your journey as a HDR candidate. These times can lead you to experiencing decreased wellbeing and mental ill health. It doesn't matter how easy or hard you have found studying until now, HDR has challenges you are unlikely to have faced before. If we add these challenges to feeling low, anxious, stressed or exhausted the challenges you face can be amplified.

This workshop is designed to provide HDR candidates with an increased awareness of the early signs that you might be struggling; an ability to identify the triggers, traits and times that can impact on wellbeing; and practical strategies for enhancing wellbeing and managing periods of increased stress.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand some of the common features of distress and decreased wellbeing
  • Identify personal factors that may increase vulnerability to distress (i.e. individual triggers, personality traits and beliefs, self-talk)
  • Develop strategies and a self-care plan to increase wellbeing and effectively manage distress

Who is this for: Any HDR Candidate