HDR Workshop: Researching with Integrity

This session aims to provide guidance on how to be a responsible researcher when completing an HDR project. 

As researchers at an Australian institution, HDR candidates are required to retain clear and complete records of their research and research findings and disseminate research findings responsibly, accurately and broadly ensuring the work of others is acknowledged.

As you near completion of your project, you may be considering publishing for the first time and will need to understand how to responsibly manage your research data. The session will also help you navigate authorship and data management policies at UOW.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this seminar, you will better understand:

  • The criteria for attribution of authorship and the relevant policies, guidelines and external regulations
  • What it means to publish responsibly
  • Access, retention, archiving and disposal options for your research data when wrapping up your research project
  • Where to find tools and people to assist

Who is this for:

  • Late stage HDR candidates
  • Any HDR planning to publish their first article
  • Any HDR looking to understand more about finishing up their PhD project with integrity