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    Recurs every day until Saturday 11th Jun 2022
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29 Theatre G02
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Mary Zimmerman's play Metamorphoses is based on the fifteen-volume work of Greek myths written by the ancient Roman poet Ovid. Zimmerman selected ten myths that explicitly explore transformation. Zimmerman spins wicked humour, witty dialogue and emotional complexity to bring these myths to life for the stage. From lovers who, at the moment of their death become kingfishers; from a young girl becoming a star field of tears; to a greedy man consuming himself from hunger and another who everything she touches turns to gold; and from humans who, for one reason or another, become immortal. At its heart Metamorphoses explores death and the idea of death not being an end but a beginning of something ‘other’. From comedy to the absurd to the taboo it invites the audience to listen deeply, oftentimes asking us to sit uncomfortably with ambivalence and also with compassion.

Director Linda Luke, Assistant Director Byron Davis, with the 3rd year cast and creative technical team, examined this gem of a play - that was written by Zimmerman in 2002, inspired by a poet from over 2000 years ago - and they asked themselves, how is it relevant to our lives in 2022? How are these stories - cradled in myth - reflections of our contemporary life? We cannot wait to share with you, our audience, the results!