Career Paths in Physics

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  • The event will be conducted via Zoom, and anyone interested is welcome to attend.
  • The seminar series will kick off on March 9, 4:30-5:30 pm and run each week until May 18. 
  • The seminars will be followed by Q&A sessions.

Seminar Details

Ceri Brenner, Leader of the Centre for Accelerator Science, ANSTO, Lucas Heights.

Dr Ceri Brenner leads ANSTO’s Centre for Accelerator Science (CAS) located in Lucas Heights, NSW – a nuclear science user facility dedicated to ion beam accelerator applications. Researchers and innovators from across Australia and the world work with CAS experts and apply for access to the advanced technology so that they can explore the past, or understand the present, or design solutions and technology for the future. And sometimes all 3! She oversees a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers who support university and industry users with a suite of accelerator techniques for ultra-sensitive dating, analysis, and precision irradiation applications that drive forward knowledge, innovation, and inform policy, in areas such as environment, climate and health sciences, space technologies, advanced materials for green energy, biomaterials, and quantum technologies, and cultural heritage studies. Prior to starting at ANSTO in early 2021, Ceri spent over 12 years at the Harwell Campus in UK, first as a PhD student and eventually as Group Leader for Industry Partnerships and Innovation at the Central Laser Facility – the UK’s user facility for high-power and ultra-short pulse lasers applied for fundamental and applied research in physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology. She is a laser-plasma physicist specialising in novel and next generation concepts for proton and ion acceleration from petawatt laser interactions with matter. She first visited ANSTO in August 2018 during her national tour as the 2018 Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics lectureship recipient. In 2017, she received the UK Institute of Physics Clifford-Paterson Medal for exceptional early-career contributions to the application of physics in an industrial or commercial context.