Associate Professor Katarina Miljkovic

2022 Women in Physics Public Lecture hosted by the Science Space

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  • Innovation Campus (Wollongong)
    Science Space

This event is part of the Women in Physics Lecture Tour sponsored by the Australian Institute of Physics, which celebrates the contribution of women to advances in physics.
It was only during the mid-20th century that impact craters on Earth were confirmed as originating from rocks which arose in outer space. Since then, space missions have brought back data from similar phenomena affecting the crusts of other planetary bodies. These impact events play a key element in planetary evolution, including that of Earth. Associate Professor Miljkovic will outline her modelling work on impact processes, cratering mechanics and shock physics applied to geological materials using data from space missions such as NASA’s GRAIL and InSight.

Associate Professor Katarina Miljkovic joined Curtin University in 2015 under a Curtin Research Fellowship and now teaches in the Advanced Science degree there. She is also currently an Australian Research Council Fellow. Prior to joining Curtin, she graduated from the University of Belgrade in 2006 in astrophysics and obtained her PhD from the Open University in the UK in 2010. She has held postdoctoral roles at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris in France, and Imperial College London in the UK.
Associate Professor Miljkovic has won several competitive awards, including an ARC DECRA Fellowship, an Australian L'Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellowship and a WA Tall Poppy Young Scientist of the Year award.