School of Civil, Mining, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

The School of Civil, Mining, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CMEA) has a world-class reputation for excellence in research, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and laboratories and workshop facilities that are among the best in Australia. Excellence in teaching, leaders in research and strong collaborations with industry and government.

A degree in Civil Engineering focuses on the development and maintenance of the built environment. Graduates from the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering) program are equipped for roles within consulting, construction, resources, major infrastructure projects, and government bodies. This program holds Washington Accord accreditation, enabling graduates to pursue Civil Engineering positions internationally. With guidance from seasoned engineers, graduates are prepared to assume roles of considerable responsibility. 

Find out where an engineering degree can take you

UOW lecturer and architectural engineering expert Dr Emma Heffernan and Civil Engineering student Georgia O’Neill speak about their passion for engineering and their experiences at UOW.

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the thing i love about the engineering degree
is meeting the different types of people
like compared to high school where
you've just got your demographic
of people then you go to university and
there's a
wider diversity of people so in your
lectures or tutorials in different clubs
of societies you join different projects
you get involved in
university of wollongong has a real
strength in engineering we're known for
our research as well as our teaching
there's a common first year that
students come into
and they get to touch on all of the
different aspects of engineering and
then they can choose at the end of that
year which
avenue they want to go down it was
really beneficial to be exposed to
all the other disciplines so that when
you do go out into the real world you
have an idea
of the role of each type of engineer in
an overall project
so i've started to deliver the new major
in architectural engineering this
session and it's been great to be able
to teach
students who share my passion for
sustainable buildings and
together start to explore how we can
make the buildings of the future better
in hse geography we looked into the
challenges of living in
mega cities in developing countries in
particular and
ecosystems at risk and that sort of
brought to my attention
that as an engineer and looking at it
from an infrastructure perspective
i could actually do something about this
the living labs
give a real living example of a building
a very sustainable building
we've got three net zero energy
buildings at uow
and the students can see what
technologies have been included what
passive design
features the buildings have and actually
can see the implications of those
features and how they can make the
builling sustainable so i think the labs
and workshops that are part of the
engineering degree
really help you visualize and see what
actually happening and how changing
little parameters
will ultimately affect the overall
result and because it's in a controlled
it's a really good idea to test these
different things
uow engineering really focuses on
employability skills
um but within the key areas that are
required for engineering
so it will allow our students to go out
and apply all of their learning that
they've been doing
and have exciting and fulfilling careers
in what's a really exciting industry
yeah a tip to those in year 12
would be when you're at university to
take up every opportunity
that is presented to you even if you
don't think that you'll be good at it
or anything just if it's something you
go for it


2nd in NSW

UOW ranks second in NSW and the ACT for undergraduate Engineering.

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UOW ranks 96th in the world for Engineering and Technology.

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