Our people

General details

For enquiries, feel free to reach out to the team either through email at askuow@uow.edu.au or by phone at 1300 ASK UOW (1300 275 869)


Interim Head of School

Professor Susanna Guatelli

Head of Students

Associate Professor Caz Sandison

Head of Postgraduate Studies

Associate Professor Moeava Tehei

Technical Staff

School Manager

Carolyn Silveri

Senior Administrator - CMRP


Administration Assistant



Professorial Fellows

  • Professor Chris Belfrun
  • Professor Martin Carolan
  • Professor David Cohen
  • Professor Brian Hutton
  • Professor Timothy Marchant
  • Professor Robert Robinson
  • Professor Paul Sellin
  • Professor Stephen Sweeney
  • Professor Wolfgang Tome
  • Professor Fred Watson

Principal Fellows

Associate Professors


Honorary Fellows 

  • Professor Tomas Kron
  • Professor Michael Jackson 
  • Associate Professor Patrick Crotty 
  • Associate Professor Lois Holloway 
  • Associate Professor William Rae
  • Dr Saree Alnaghy 
  • Dr Sabine Bellstedt
  • Dr James Bewes
  • Dr Joseph Bucci 
  • Dr Andrew Chacon
  • Dr Iwan Cornelius
  • Dr David Cortie
  • Dr Jeremy Davis
  • Dr Stephen Dowdell
  • Dr Kumerage Fernando
  • Dr Carey Freeth
  • Dr Iolanda Fuduli
  • Dr Oleksandr Gektin
  • Dr Nicholas Hardcastle 
  • Dr Steven Harvey
  • Dr Michael Jameson
  • Dr Alessandra Malaroda
  • Dr Sianne Oktaria 
  • Dr Stefania Peracchi
  • Dr Joel Poder
  • Dr Dale Prokopovich
  • Dr Mitra Safavi-Naeini 
  • Dr Dousatsu Sakata 
  • Dr Michael Smith
  • Dr Timothy Squire
  • Dr George Takacs
  • Dr Asya Akbar Tawfiq
  • Dr Amy Walker
  • Dr Michael Weaver
  • Dr Dean Wilkinson
  • Dr William Zealey  
  • Mr Levi Madden