About us

This is an exciting period in human history for anyone wanting to make the world a better place. Increasing world populations combined with rapid advances in knowledge in mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science, information technology and social and organisational change are creating remarkable and challenging opportunities for the next generation of creative and innovative professionals.

Graduates from this Faculty are playing a critical role in tackling global problems in key areas affecting the world’s population such as energy, transport, clean water and the environment, cyberinfrastructure, sustainability, health, security, finance, business, commerce and industry. As a student of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS), you become part of a community of creative problem solvers who desire to discover, create, design, invent and innovate.

UOW EIS has a world-class reputation for excellence in research, strong collaborations with industry and government partners, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. As an EIS student, you will be taught by staff who are also actively practising their disciplines so that they are at the forefront of their fields of research. You will study in laboratories and workshops which are amongst the best and most up-to-date in Australia and which are essential for the development of high-quality engineering and ICT skills. Our degrees are regularly examined by external accreditation bodies to ensure that the education you receive here equals or exceeds the world’s best practice. Students in our Faculty can choose a range of courses providing strong fundamental skills in mathematics, science, engineering and communications before branching into one of the many specialised disciplines offered at UOW. Our degrees include creative and practical design components where you work on real-world problems to ensure you develop the skills needed to lead and innovate in the competitive industries of the future.

UOW is a leading engineering, mathematics, physics and ICT research institution in Australia, based on our long-standing collaboration with local and multinational industries and research centres in Australia and overseas. We have over 600 students enrolled in PhDs and over 300 academic staff supported by more than 60 technical staff enabling us to be one of the most research-intensive Faculties of its type in Australia. We are among the top Australian engineering faculties; our world-class reputation in research and teaching has earned us a place in the Group of Eight Engineering and Associates. The Australian Research Council ranked our multidisciplinary work as ‘well above world standard’, and our civil, manufacturing, materials and mechanical engineering research as ‘above world standard performance Our faculty members are driving relevant and cutting-edge research in a wide range of areas focused on providing innovative solutions to global issues. We are intimately involved with the international research community and we attract many visits from amongst the very best researchers and research institutions and Universities from around the world to collaborate with our staff and students. We welcome you to explore our website and discover more about us and our strengths.