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Executive Committee

President John Montagner
Vice President Isla Bowen
Secretary Dayna Hilton
Treasurer Tom Mylne
Membership Secretary Nick Mackie
Lunch Secretary Marie Mitchell-Stanley
Mixer Coordinator Sue Martin
Publicity Officer Ana Heitor
Committee Members Elaine Laird
Christine Thompson
Warren Mahoney
Justin Norris
Zoi Tsemblis

Social club registers

Lifetime membership register
MemberYear awarded
Geoff Trott 2008
John Montagner 2009
Helen Hasan 2017
Elaine Laird 2017
Peter Larkin 2017
Warren Mahoney 2017
Justin Norris 2018

Social club merit prize
YearSurnameGiven names
2006 Montagner Peter
2007 Montagner Peter
2008 Mahoney Christopher
2009 Grant Zoe
2010 Pirshadid Dadar Ahmadi
2011 Kerr Liz
2012 Not offered  
2013 McMahon Erin
2014 McMahon Darcy
2015 Vickers Genevieve
2015 McMahon Erin
2016 McMahon Darcy
2017 Burns Michael
2018 McCombie Kira
2019 McGivern Mark