Extensions Grants

Extension Grants - Closed for 2015

Although there are no current national Extension Grant programs open, the below process and timeline still provides a guide for future rounds.

Whilst national funding rounds, application instructions and priority areas are yet to be announced and are likely to change, the internal UOW submission and endorsement process will remain largely unchanged.

The below can be used as a guide to begin thinking through a future project for possible submission in 2016. 



Funded by the Australian Government Promotion of Excellence in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PELTHE) program, Extension Grants support further impact of completed learning and teaching projects and fellowships through disseminating or embedding the outputs in institutions which were not partners in the original project.

Extension Grants are specifically intended to:

  • Develop and /or implement effective mechanisms for the identification, development, dissemination and embedding of good individual and institutional practice, including addressing particular contextual barriers to taking on the good practice identified
  • Raise the profile of the fundamental importance of teaching in higher education institutions and in the general community

In 2015, $400,000 (indicative) is available for extension grants. The maximum funding available per application is $30,000.


Application Process

1. Notice of Intent

Note: This is a critical step for lead and collaborating grants as UOW are required to provide letters of support from the DVCA for all submissions.

2. Draft Application and Budget

Note: Internal due dates apply. Refer to Key Dates section for current information. 

3. external grants submission form (OLT)

Note: Institutional Letter of Support will not be provided without the submission of this signed form.

4. final draft
  • Incorporate feedback on content and compliance (from step 2) into proposal and budget
  • Share this final draft with partner institutions (if you are lead and have partners)
  • Optional – email to grants-awards@uow.edu.au if you like any further feedback
5. letter of support

Note: DVCE endorsement and signature will be obtained on your behalf.

6. approvals and signatures

The DVCA is required to sign all Extension Grant application forms.

  • Submit your final application form and budget at the time of submitting your draft letter of support

Note: DVCE endorsement and signature will be obtained on your behalf.

7. Sumbit to OLT
  • Combine application form, budget, letters of support and any relevant attachments into one PDF document
  • Email PDF document to learningandteaching@education.gov.au before 5:00pm on Monday 31 August 2015
  • Retain confirmation of receipt
8. provide copies to UOW

Email copy of final submitted PDF document to grants-awards@uow.edu.au


Key Dates

Summary of Key Dates:
Anytime before 20 July 2015 Notice of Intent (NOI) form due
14 August 2015  Submit draft application for feedback
14 August 2015 External grant Submission Form due
17 August 2015 Letter of Support template due for DVCA signature
17 August 2015  Final Application due for DVCA signature
By 31 August 2015 Submit final application to OLT via email
By 4 September 2015 Submit final submitted version to grants-awards@uow.edu.au


Forms and Resources


Notice of Intent (NOI) form – must be submitted by all UOW staff intending on submitting an applications to OLT 

OLT Extension Grant Application Form and Budget Template – this template must be used for all applications 


UOW Salaries and on Costs – to assist in preparing and costing your budget 



For all Reward and Recognition enquiries, please contact the UOW Grants & Awards Officer.

Phone: 02 4221 5012

Email: grants-awards@uow.edu.au


Last reviewed: 27 June, 2016