Accreditation for Learning and Teaching (CPD Portfolio)

All UOW staff are able to seek professional recognition for quality teaching and learning through Continuing Professional Development, Learning and Teaching (CPD[L&T]). Accreditation is determined through a CPD (L&T) Portfolio process. This process is a way to seek formal feedback and recognition of your teaching through a peer review process with senior teaching academics at UOW. You can submit a CPD (L&T) Portfolio at any stage in your teaching career aligned with the levels of the CPD (L&T) - Framework.

For some staff, evidence of CPD (L&T) accreditation is a requirement for Probation or Promotion. Please check the CPD (L&T) Policy to ascertain how this may apply to you.

CPD (L&T) Portfolio Accreditation Process

A CPD (L&T) Portfolio is your opportunity to showcase your teaching practice and demonstrate how it aligns to the CPD (L&T) Framework. After downloading the Framework, you should determine which level you would like to apply for.

*Level 1 is minimum for Probation/Promotion requirements.

Once you have decided the level you would like to apply for, use the Level Descriptors to guide you as you develop your portfolio. The Review Rubrics for Pre-levelLevels 1 and Level 2 may also further guide your progress. When you are satisfied that your portfolio is ready, follow the submission procedures below.

Each CPD (L&T) portfolio submission is peer reviewed by two senior teaching staff at UOW. Possible outcomes of the review are:

  • Accept
  • Resubmit with Revisions

Applicants will receive detailed feedback to enable progression and resubmissions are accepted at any time throughout the year (applicants do not need to wait for a submission due date to resubmit).

Where to start: Key Information
  1. Before you begin, contact us for a consultation to ensure you are on track. Please contact to arrange your consultation
  2. Attend a Developing a CPD Portfolio workshop
  3. Browse examples and access resources available in the Online Modules. The CPD Portfolio Development Module is particularly helpful in highlighting portfolio requirements and providing successful Portfolio examples
  4. Ensure you are familiar with the submission process on this website

For support in enhancing your understanding and practice in learning and teaching, please visit the Professional Development in Learning and Teaching site (for workshops, online modules and programs).

Instructions for Submission

1. Download the appropriate cover sheet for your CPD (L&T) Portfolio submission. Cover sheets align with the corresponding CPD (L&T) Level you have chosen:

2. Submit your CPD (L&T) Portfolio using the following guidelines:

  • Print material – Submit PDF of combined Coversheet and your Portfolio via email
  • Web site – Submit PDF of this Coversheet via email.

All submissions to be sent via email.

Once your submission has been received, it will be forwarded for peer review after each round closes (refer to submission dates below).

Sunday, 4 November, 2018 By 30 November, 2018
Sunday, 3 February, 2019 By 1 March, 2019
Sunday, 24 March, 2019 By 19 April, 2019
Sunday, 19 May, 2019 By 14 June, 2019
Sunday, 7 July, 2019 By 3 August, 2019
Sunday, 1 September, 2019 By 27 September, 2019
Sunday, 3 November, 2019 By 29 November, 2019

* The May round is the latest round possible for submission by applicants undertaking promotion who require the successful completion of a CPD Portfolio for their application. Please note that consulting a CPD Mentor will assist the smooth development of a CPD Portfolio.

Successful submissions will receive a CPD (L&T) Portfolio Certificate of Accreditation and feedback from peer reviewers.

Note: Please be mindful of your Academic Probation or Promotion application dates and plan your submissions accordingly especially allowing extra time for the possibility that you are required to Resubmit with Revisions.

It is highly recommended that portfolios are submitted three rounds prior to Probation end date. Late submissions are held until the following submission date.

CPD (L&T) Portfolio Requirements

Your CPD (L&T) Portfolio should include an explanation of your personal teaching philosophy and addresses each of the level descriptors for the selected CPD (L&T) Level as you present a reflection on your teaching practice.  

Each Portfolio must clearly show evidence of:

  • your teaching and learning practice
  • connections between your teaching practice and your wide reading of relevant literature related to each level descriptor
  • alignment to UOW policy, codes of practice, principles and standards
  • feedback from multiple sources e.g. students, peers; and
  • your reflections highlighting development of teaching practice over time, including some element of future change that you are working towards.

You are encouraged to complete your portfolio in a style that suits you. The following maximum limits apply:

  • 10 pages of print information (including references and supplementary material); OR
  • 25 minutes to read or engage with all media if submitted as a web page or site with embedded media

Applicants are recommended to visit the "CPD Portfolio Development" online module prior to commencing work on their portfolio. This module supports applicants by further clarifying expectations, unpacking 'teaching evidence' and offering CPD (L&T) Portfolio exemplars.

External Recognition

The CPD (L&T) Framework has been strategically aligned to national and international accreditation schemes. This recognises that achievement within the Fellowship programs of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), United Kingdom,  and the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) is equivalent to the CPD (L&T) level below:

  • CPD Level 1 - HEA Associate Fellow
  • CPD Level 2 - HEA Fellow
  • CPD Level 3 - HERDSA Fellow or HEA Senior Fellow
  • CPD Level 4 - HEA Principal Fellow

If you have achieved any of the above Fellowships, please attach a copy of your certificate to the corresponding CPD (L&T) Level Coversheet and send to CPD Support via email. For example, if you have an HEA Associate Fellowship certificate, attach a copy to the CPD Level 1 Coversheet.       


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