Research Degrees

HES will accept applications for postgraduate research projects from potential Higher Degree Research (HDR) students on topics related to higher education studies including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Learning analytics in tertiary education
  • Professional development of academic teaching staff
  • Curriculum transformation
  • Academic language and learning
  • Technology enhanced learning
  • Information, digital and assessment literacies
  • Student transitions through education sectors
  • Interconnectedness between employability, career development learning and work integrated learning
  • Impact of university outreach programs on higher education aspiration raising and capacity building
  • Community outreach by universities
  • Discipline-specific pedagogies

For more information about potential research partnerships or supervisors for postgraduate degrees please contact


The Higher Education School (HES) school offers three Higher Degree Research (HDR) programs:

Doctor of Philosophy (course code 220)

Duration: four years (eight sessions) full-time or part-time equivalent

  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Education is a four-year (or part-time equivalent) supervised independent research project that makes a significant original contribution to the field of Higher Education Studies.

Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)  (course code 210)

Duration: four years (eight sessions) full-time or part-time equivalent

  • The Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) includes specialty coursework subjects in the first two sessions of  study, followed by a maximum three-year (or part-time equivalent) supervised research project that involves an in-depth research project and thesis conducted in the specialisation of Higher Education Studies.

Master of Philosophy (course code 1355) 

Duration:  2 years (four sessions) full-time or part-time equivalent

  • The first session of this degree is coursework with the remainder of the program used to conduct a supervised research project.  The coursework subjects will include discipline-specific research training including preparation of the first year Research Proposal Report (RPR). The Master of Philosophy is also a pathway to higher degree research programs such as the Doctor of Philosophy.

The research degrees may be undertaken on a part time or full-time basis. We welcome both domestic and international students. It is possible to study by distance, but there are expectations that students visit the UOW campus in person for key events across the session, as negotiated with the supervisor and Head of Postgraduate Studies. 

Last reviewed: 15 June, 2016