Contractor safety

The University has an obligation, to ensure that the contractors it engages, comply with all relevant legislative requirements, with regards to workplace health and safety (WHS). As such, the contractor management system, SitePass, is the system used to register, verify and approve contractors' WHS management systems. 

SitePass FAQs

Q. Do all contractors need to be registered on the system?

If a contractor is performing minor works and/or if it is a one off job then they do not need to be registered on site-pass. For more information refer to the Contractor WHS Guidelines.

Q. How do contractors register on the system?

In order to register for SitePass, contractors need to look at:

Documentation that outlines these requirements in greater detail include: 

Q. What is the online contractor management system, SitePass?

The University’s online contractor management system, SitePass, is web-based interface for the registration and monitoring of contractors. The system will confidentially store all the university’s contractor’s relevant documentation such as licences, insurances, safe work method statements, business details etc. The system will monitor the status of these documents to ensure that they remain current and will notify the contractor when an insurance policy or licence is due for renewal.

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