Learning Development

Learning Development provides advice and support to all UOW Sutherland enrolled students who wish to improve their assessment results.

Dr Stephane Cordier is the Learning Development lecturer at UOW Sutherland campus.

Learning Development services available at UOW Sutherland

  • Individual academic consultations available on Mondays and Fridays on campus. Bookings via the UOW Sutherland campus moodle.
  • First year Nursing seminars will be held every Thursday 12.30-1.30pm in room 103
  • A comprehensive list of downloadable Learning Development resources.

Maths and Stats help

Our specialist Maths and Statistics Lecturer, Dr David Hartley, offers online individual and group maths consultations to students in all faculties, including help to understand concepts and work through exercises.

For more information, phone (02) 42213977 or email hartleyd@uow.edu.au

Downloadable resources

Learning Development provides a range of printable writing and study skills resources to help you improve your academic performance at University. These resources are free on the UOW Sutherland campus moodle and include information on

  • time management
  • study techniques
  • academic writing
  • essay writing
  • report writing
  • note-taking
  • critical thinking

Learning Co-op website

The University of Wollongong has developed an interactive website called Learning Co-op that provides a hub of information for all UOW enrolled students, including UOW Sutherland students, on all the additional services available to support students learning, plus a range of resources about getting organised, study skills and the types of academic writing and referencing required at University. The comprehensive site provides a wide range of information to help you practise and develop your academic skills and get help when you need it.

Access to the Learning Co-op website is free and unrestricted.