What are your responsibilities?

The Academic Integrity policy lists a number of responsibilities for UOW teaching staff. This includes casual, part-time, fixed-term and continuing appointments.

Teaching staff must:

  • Demonstrate academic integrity within their teaching practices and act as role models for their students
  • Enable and support students to become aware of academic expectations and what constitutes academic misconduct, taking into account their level of experience in the university environment, and their social and cultural background
  • Ensure that adequate information is provided to students about acknowledgement practice that is appropriate to their field of study and provide examples of what is acceptable;
  • Provide feedback to students on acknowledgement practice and refer them to sources of advice when necessary;
  • Give clear guidelines for group work and make clear the distinction between group work and individual work;
  • Inform the Subject Coordinator whenever academic misconduct is alleged in a coursework subject, in accordance with published procedures

Subject Coordinators must:

  • Design assessment tasks and learning activities in such a way as to:
    • support the development of the skills necessary to demonstrate academic integrity, and
    • minimise opportunities for academic misconduct;
  • Where appropriate, provide access to text/code-matching software to students as an educative tool in promoting appropriate acknowledgement practice, and use text/code-matching software as a tool in detecting suspected cases of academic misconduct;
  • Actively seek to identify cases of possible misconduct;
  • Support casual tutors or other teaching staff to identify cases of possible misconduct; and
  • Identify and act in accordance with Academic Misconduct Procedures (Coursework) whenever plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct are suspected