Apply for semester exchange

Please access our online application system to apply for semester exchange, study abroad, and short course programs.

Eleven steps to going on exchange


Step 1: Visit the Office of Global Student Mobility

Come and visit the Office of Global Student Mobility at Student Central to chat to a member of our team or explore our Exchange Library resources to learn about the UOW Exchange Program.


Step 2: Check application criteria and deadlines

Applicants must ensure they meet the program criteria before applying.

Applications must be submitted by the appropriate deadline each session.


Step 3: Research & plan

You will need to initiate your own research into finding the host university and that suits your needs.

A good place to start is by researching our partner institutions or reading about past student experiences on our Student Experience Moodle Site.

When you complete your online exchange application (Step 5), you will need to nominate three host university preferences. Find out how to best select your preferences to suit your interests and your degree.


Step 4: Planning your program of study

An important aspect of planning your exchange is planning a study program and choosing your study overseas subjects. Your host university should have subjects that are relevant to your studies and are likely to be approved for credit by your faculty. 

If you are unsure if your preferences are suitable for credit approval, we suggest meeting with your faculty to discuss your study plan and overseas subjects. You can find available subjects and subject descriptions on your host university website.


Step 5: Complete the Online Exchange Application

As part of your online exchange application, you will be asked for the following:

  • Three partner university preferences (from the correct regional group
  • A 500 word statement outlining your reasons for participating in the UOW Exchange Program
  • Information regarding how you plan to finance your exchange
  • A Study Plan Proposal that outlines a list of proposed subjects for each of your three preferences
  • The names of two referees - these must be UOW academic staff members who have taught you in the last year

Once your application has been submitted, your Study Plan Proposal will be sent to the Associate Dean International (or delegate) of your faculty for approval. This is NOT a final list of subjects approved for credit transfer. Once you have been accepted into the Exchange Program and nominated to one of your preferences (Step 7), you will submit a finalised list of subjects that will be approved for credit transfer by your faculty.


Step 6: Attend an exchange interview

All applicants are required to attend a formal interview to determine their academic and personal suitability for exchange. Topics raised by the selection committee may include your motivations for studying overseas, how the experience will benefit your academic goals and career plans, and the reasons for your host university preferences.


Step 7: Acceptance into the UOW Exchange Program

You will receive written notification of the outcome of your exchange application as soon as possible after interviews have been conducted. Successful applicants will also be advised which host university they have been nominated to.


Step 8: First Pre-Departure preparations

A compulsory pre-departure session will be held shortly after your acceptance into the UOW Exchange Program. All students going on exchange to your host region will be present. You will prepare for this session by completing several Modules through Moodle.


Step 9: Finalising your subjects

Now that you have been nominated to one of your host university preferences, you must finalise your overseas study program.

Visit the 'Planning your study overseas subjects' page for detailed instructions on how to prepare your subjects for credit approval.


Step 10: Acceptance to your host university

The Office of Global Student Mobility team will assist you to make a formal application to your nominated host university. Although very few students are rejected, the host university does reserve the right to accept or reject nominees for exchange. If successful, you will receive an official letter of acceptance from the host university and additional information to help you prepare for your studies there.


Step 11: Final Pre-Departure preparations

A compulsory pre-departure session (for ALL students going on exchange) is held during study recess each session. This session covers academic issues, money matters, health & safety, travel tips, and much more! Once again, you will prepare for this session by completing several Modules through Moodle.


Then you're ready to GO ON EXCHANGE!

Before you know it, you’ll be on a plane travelling to a new country ready to start your new adventure. Study, make new friends, see the sights and make the most of this opportunity of a lifetime!