Reach program

The Reach - Career Development Enrichment Program for Regional, Rural, and Remote Students is designed to help students from these communities to succeed in their chosen careers.

The aim of this program is for students from regional, rural, and remote backgrounds to:

  • Build the skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen career path.
  • Understand a range of future career possibilities and explore the possibilities in regional, rural, and remote communities.
  • Develop a supportive career network and a sense of community.
  • Build career resilience and awareness of the support services available.

Throughout the program you will work through the tools, resources, activities and online modules at your own pace. This includes submitting your resume for review, developing a career action plan, and utilising various job searching strategies and professional identity tools.

Students who successfully complete this program will have curated their Career Development Learning Portfolio.



This program is designed for students who are from regional, rural, and remote communities studying at any UOW campus in the final year of an undergraduate degree, or enrolled in a postgraduate degree.

Program delivery

This program is completely online with self-paced modules and regular online workshops to check-in on student progress. Students from any campus can access this program.