Professor Anthony Dosseto
Building 41 Room G32
T +61 2 4221 4805 

  • Catchment erosion response to climate change over the last glacial cycle. How does the landscape respond/adapt to climate change?
  • Soil production and erosion. The combined use of uranium-series and cosmogenic isotopes to study the controls on the evolution of weathering profiles and soil resources
  • Sediment production and transport. How fast are sediments produced, stored and exported? Study of small and large catchments under various climates (semi-arid to temperate southeastern Australia, tropical Puerto Rico)
  • The production of silicic magmas. Study of the mechanisms and rates of magma evolution in the crust and how they relate to eruptive styles

Dr Florian Dux
Research Associate
Building 41 G04C 

  • Li isotopes in rocks and sediments
  • B isotopes in rocks
  • Ca isotopes in blood and teeth
  • Cu isotopes in rocks and biological tissues
  • Zn isotopes in groundwaters
  • Sr isotopes in rocks and sediments
  • Nd isotopes in rocks and soils
  • U-Th isotopes in sediments and soils
  • U-Th dating of carbonates

Shawn Lu
Building 41 Room G02
Title of Thesis: Boron Isotopes as a Proxy to Investigate Past Fire Regimes

Maame Adwoa Maisie
Building 41, Room G02 
Title of Thesis: 
Using Charcoal Properties to Investigate Past Fire Regimes

Eron Raines
Building 41, Room G04
Title of Thesis: Quantifying soil production rates in New Zealand

Rebecca Ryan
Building 41, Room G02
Title of Thesis: Mineralogy and geochemistry of ancient fires recorded in lake sediments

Ryan North
Building 41, Room 165
Title of Thesis: Ice response to climate change in Antarctica

Christopher Petteri Laurikainen Gaete
Building 41, Room G02
Title of Thesis: Using strontium isotopes to investigate megafauna mobility at Mt Etna Caves, QLD

Matthew Beuzeville
Title of project: A strontium isoscape of Wellington Caves, NSW, Australia

Angus Walton
Title of project: Trophic level reconstruction in Flores using calcium isotopes

Elise Beaumont
Title of project: Using strontium isotopes to investigate social connections in Late Stone Age South Africa

Dr Tim Barrows
ARC Future Fellow

  • Quaternary geology and geomorphology
  • Geochronology
  • Palaeoceanography

Dr Alexandru "Tibi" Codilean
Cosmogenic Isotope Czar – Senior Lecturer
Building 41 Room G23
T +61 2 4221 3426

  • Cosmogenic nuclide geochemistry
  • Controls on denudation and global sediment fluxes
  • Lin king source to sink

Associate Professor Tim Cohen
Associate Professor
Building 41 Room G32
T +61 2 4239 2375

  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Arid zone geomorphology
  • Palaeoclimatology and Quaternary studies
  • Geochronology
  • River and catchment management 

Elyssa De Carli
Building 41 Room G27

  • Quaternary Science
  • Geomorphology (Fluvial & Coastal)
  • Sedimentology
  • Palaeohydrology
  • Engineering Geology

Dr Amy Dougherty
GeoInsights Consulting  

Dr Venera Espanon 
Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences – Geology
University of Freiburg

Dr Reka-Hajnalka Fulop
Research Fellow
Building 41 Room 164
T +61 2 4221 5087  

  • Surface process rates and sediment residence times in rivers using cosmogenic in situ 14C
  • Controls on denudation rates as derived using 10Be in river sediment
  • CO2 and CH4 dynamics in Siberian permafrost soils


Dr Renaud Joannes-Boyau
Senior Research Fellow
Southern Cross University  

Dr Brandon Mahan
College of Science & Engineering
James Cook University

Dafne Koutamanis
College of Science & Engineering
James Cook University

Dr Sam Marx
Senior Lecturer
Building 41 Room G31
T +61 2 4221 5318

  • Aeolian geomorphology, long-range dust transport and the use of dust as a palaeoenvironmental proxy
  • Hydro-climate variability
  • Atmospheric pollution and environmental accumulation of pollutants
  • Geochemical tracers of physical processes
  • Effects of anthropogenic activities on the environment, particularly erosion, sedimentation and pollution histories
  • Coastal wetland dynamics.

Dr Jan-Hendrik May
School of Geography
University of Melbourne

Professor Helen McGregor 
ARC Future Fellow

Building 41 Room G20
T +61 2 4221 4265

  • El Niño in a changing climate: novel long-term perspectives from Pacific corals and model simulations (ARC Future Fellowship FT40100286)
  • PAGES Ocean2k Phase 2, which aims to place observed historical marine conditions into the context of climatic variations over the past 2000 years.
  • IODP drilling in the Great Barrier Reef: unlocking the causes, rates and consequences of abrupt sea level and climate change (ARC Discovery Project DP1094001) 

Dr Alexander Francke 

  • Paleoenvironmental and -climate reconstructions in the Mediterranean Region derived from lacustrine sediments using sedimentary and (bio-)geochemical proxy data
  • Catchment dynamics in response to past climate change, reconstructed using U and Li isotopes, and XRF core scanning data. How does a lake´s catchment response to changing climatic and environmental conditions?
  • Reconstruction of lake-internal (lake productivity, internal physical properties) processes in response to climate change using sedimentary and (bio-)geochemical proxy data
  • Combining proxy datasets for past catchment dynamics (U, Li isotopes) with proxy datasets for paleoclimatic conditions and lake internal processes
  • Human-landscape interaction in the Mediterranean region during the Holocene
  • Development of soil erosion and soil productivity during the Quaternary


  • Dr Jinia Sikdar
  • Dr Alexander Francke

PhD students

  • Sally Carney - Title of Thesis: Using Isotopic Techniques to Understand Past Environmental Processes
  • Gabriel Enge - Title of Thesis: Looking for the missing link: application of Cu isotope geochemistry to neurodegenerative diseases
  • Venera Espanon - Title of Thesis: Geochemical and geochronological constraints on Quaternary volcanism in southern Mendoza, Argentina
  • Christian Ercolani - Title of Thesis: Analyzing boron isotopes in paleo-channel sediments to reconstruct environmental conditions during the last glacial cycle in southern Australia
  • Dafne Koutamanis - Title of Thesis: Reconstructing dietary behaviour and food webs of Pleistocene Australasian terrestrial vertebrates through calcium and strontium isotope geochemistry
  • Ashley Martin - Title of Thesis: Reconstructing Past Variations in Erosion and Sediment Transport using Uranium-Series Isotopes
  • Davide Menozzi -Title of Thesis: Assessment of Sequential Extraction and Mineral Separation for studying Uranium-Series Isotopes in Regolith
  • Tsun-You Pan - Title of Thesis: Climate and sea-level changes during the last interglacial maximum
  • Leo Rothacker - Title of Thesis: Reconstructing Past Conditions of Chemical Weathering via Li Isotopes
  • Holly Taylor - Title of Thesis: Investigating the Links Between the Termination of the Snowball Earth and the Emergence of the First Animals
  • Maude Thollon - Title of Thesis: Using uranium isotopes to reconstruct past links between catchment erosion and climate change
  • Matthew Williams - Title of Thesis: Developing a strontium isoscape to analyse natural and archaeological material for their strontium signature to determine providence of ostrich eggshell beads in south-western South Africa

Honours students

  • Ryan North
  • Reilly Pearce
  • Rebecca Ryan
  • Sally Carney
  • Alex Hanna-Joyner
  • Emma Kiekebosch-Fitt
  • Holly Taylor
  • Kaila Tonge
  • Addison Borst
  • Andrew Fuller
  • Liam Stephen
  • Jessica Drinnan
  • Christopher Petteri Laurikainen Gaete

Undergraduate students

  • Ryan Almeida
  • Ellen Boardman
  • Giorgia Borserio
  • Greg Briscoe
  • Stephanie Cowling
  • Rachel Crowley
  • Jessica Drinnan
  • Declan Drum
  • Nick Fitzpatrick
  • Jacob Lia
  • Justin Merdith
  • Mark Quoyle
  • Mahlea Ryan
  • Anna Todd
  • Patrick Wilcox
  • Kristian Zajec-Tringle
  • Taj Busch
  • Anton Grabeck
  • Annabel Green
  • Caitlin Jenkins
  • Ryan North
  • Rebecca Ryan
  • Warwick Suters

Visiting students

  • Sheree Armistead - University of Adelaide (Australia)
  • Marian Bailey - Flinders University (Australia)
  • Connor Dougherty - UC Davis (USA)
  • Burch Fisher - UC Santa Barbara (USA)
  • Cornell Hanxomphou - ANU (Australia)
  • Emma Harrison - UC San Diego (USA)
  • August Hassler - ENS Lyon (France)
  • Katelin-Rose Morrison - Summer Scholar (Australia)
  • Alix Scheer - Universite de Strasbourg (France)
  • Evan Webb - Summer Scholar (Australia)


WIGL in the Distillery 2.0 (March 2019). From left to right: A/Prof. Anthony Dosseto, Matt Williams (PhD), Andrew Fuller (Hons), Shawn Lu (M Phil), Dr Alex Francke, Holly Taylor (PhD), Addison Borst (Hons), Dafne Koutamanis (PhD) and Mark Quoyle (undergrad)


The WIGL group in the Distillery (December 2014). From left to right:  Helen Price, Eleanor Rainsley, Gabriel Enge, Ashley Martin, Lili Yu, Davide Menozzi, Anthony Dosseto, Davy Conacher, Leo Rothacker and Alexandru 'Tibi' Codilean


The WIGL group in the Distillery (January 2012). From left to right: Anthony Dosseto, Ashley Martin, Nikki Rumpca (ex-Hons), Lili Yu, Max Aubert, Emma Kiekebosch-Fitt, Sam Marx, Burch Fisher (visiting from UCSB) and Zach Swander