NSW Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub

The NSW Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub (NSW BRMR Hub) is a collaborative venture (2018 to 2021) that is led by CERMB, University of Wollongong under the Directorship of Professor Ross Bradstock, with funding from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).  Hub partners are University of Tasmania, Western Sydney University and University of New South Wales.

The Hub brings together researchers, fire agencies and public land managers in a collaborative research effort to develop new knowledge that will underpin cost-effective strategies to reduce the risk fire poses to people, property and the environment. This strategy will guide the effective communication and dissemination of that knowledge to the people who need it most: from the policy makers, operational planners, and on-the-ground fire services crews that work to mitigate fire risk, to the growing number of people living on the fringes of Australia’s cities.

  • Work Package 1: Dynamic mapping and analysis of NSW fire regimes, past, present and future
  • Work Package 2: Fuel, flammability and carbon dynamics
  • Work Package 3: GHGs, particulate emissions and air quality
  • Work Package 4: Fire regime thresholds of potential concern for threatened biodiversity
  • Work Package 5: Health and social benefits of Aboriginal fire management programs
  • Work Package 6: Optimization of cost-effective fire management