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Advanced computing infrastructure, data storage, visualisation tools and high-speed telecommunications networking are critical enabling factors for world-class research. The convergence of such infrastructure, tools and services to support scholarship and research is commonly known as ‘eresearch’.

UOW is committing to support research by providing infrastructure, tools and services for:

  • Capture, storage, management and protection of research data
  • Computational analysis and data visualisation at scale
  • Access to cloud computing resources and virtual laboratories
  • Accessing tools and services through high speed communication networks
  • Providing training and skills development courses

The UOW Research Services Office is responsible for providing centralised coordination and support for the advanced research computing needs of UOW staff, in collaboration with Information Management and Technology Services (IMTS) and the University Library. The RSO's information Services for Research (ISR) team is responsible for solution delivery and managing strategic partnerships with service providers and NCRIS capabilities.

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Last reviewed: 31 January, 2019