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How to use IRMA

IRMA is a web-based research management program for ethics. It is used for submitting, processing and reviewing ethics applications. Lodgement of applications and sign off by researchers and Heads of Units within UOW is electronic. Once the application is submitted all researchers are notified that the application is awaiting signoff; the Head of Unit is notified when all researchers have signed.

IRMA allows you to follow the progress of the sign off and the ethics review, and check on key dates such as when progress reports are due. You can also view your application and any correspondence from the HREC.

Submissions consist of three components:

  • Information entered directly into IRMA. For new applications and annual reports this involves limited details to identify the project plus information required for government reporting.
  • Attachments with project details. This includes the application form or research protocol, research tools, advertising material and informed consent documentation. To allow identification of documents in the online system it is important that each document is named using the format specified. (DocumentName VersionNumber Date (DDMMYYYY) e.g. PIS Children V1 01052015).
  • An Attachment Listing

Accessing IRMA

UOW staff and some students will have access to IRMA automatically using their UOW account number. Otherwise you will need to apply for access. Requests should be processed within two working days.

Please Note: UOW accounts will be linked to UOW email addresses, all your correspondence will be sent to this address. If you are unlikely to check this regularly you should arrange for emails to be forwarded automatically to your preferred email address. See here for guidance on how to forward your UOW emails.

Training on IRMA

Training is provided on request for individuals or groups, please email rso-ethics@uow.edu.au to discuss arranging a session for you or your work area.

IRMA guides

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IRMA help

If you are having difficulties with the system please contact irma-support@uow.edu.au.

For any other questions please contact the Research Ethics Unit at rso-ethics@uow.edu.au or on 4221 3773 or 4221 5504.