Vision and mission


Create, discover, inspire: From molecule to mechanism to cure

Seeing is believing: Molecular Horizons will be a global leader in visualising biological processes on an unprecedented scale to advance understanding of disease mechanisms and translate this knowledge into diagnostics, therapies and cures.


Empower curiosity-driven research on the molecular mechanisms of disease through collaboration, technology and ingenuity

By bringing together exceptional multidisciplinary scientific teams around powerful microscopy and visualisation technology, Molecular Horizons aims to combat the health challenges of the 21st century and transform understanding of disease - one molecule at a time. This approach will place Molecular Horizons at the forefront of scientific discovery for developing unprecedented ways to effectively visualise, diagnose, treat and prevent human disease. Molecular Horizons partners with industry, government, community and national and international collaborators to cultivate highly integrated research programs that deliver outcomes of increased scale, scope and unparalleled impact. Underpinned by strong cultural pillars of collegiality, diversity, equality, creativity and innovation, we will translate basic molecular understanding into real-world applications, while training and inspiring future generations of interdisciplinary life scientists.