Our research

Numerous research initiatives are being developed by IPRI members.  All of the research initiatives are underpinned by skills and expertise in (i) Material Synthesis, through Prof David Officer with critical inputs from Dr Pawel Wagner, Dr Sanjeev Gambhir and the ANFF team and (ii) Fabrication, through Dr Stephen Beirne and the ANFF team.

Biomaterials is covered in the ACES Synthetic Biosystems program.  Research is driven by A/Prof Jeremy Crook, Prof Michael Higgins, Dr Zhilian Yue, Dr Kerry Gilmore, Dr Eva Tomaskovic-Crook with critical inputs from Dr Xiao Liu and Dr Holly Warren. IPRI members are also working with collaborators within IHMRI/SMAH at UOW.

Materials for Energy is covered in the ACES Synthetic Energy program. IPRI research is being provided by A/Prof Attila Mozer, Prof Jun Chen, Dr Klaudia Wagner, Dr Caiyun Wang, Dr Andrew Nattestad and Dr Chong Yong Lee.

Soft Robotics is another ACES theme involving Profs Geoffrey Spinks and Marc in het Panhuis from IPRI and is currently led by IPRI and ACES collaborator Prof Gursel Alici (EIS at UOW).

Sensors And Diagnostics is covered within the ACES Electrofluidics and Diagnostics program and driven by Prof Peter Innis.

Anit-Fouling Materials research is driven by Prof Michael Higgins and Dr Paul Molino.

Wearable Devices research is driven by Prof Geoffrey Spinks, Dr Javad Foroughi and UOW collaborator.

End-user engagement

It is widely recognised that IPRI is at the cutting edge when it comes to engagement with existing and emerging industry and other end-users.

Our integrated network includes appropriate Cooperative Research Centres (CRC’s).  IPRI have been involved in projects with Hearing CRC (involving Prof Gordon Wallace and Dr Alex Harris), Polymer CRC (involving Prof David Officer, Dr Klaudia Wagner and Dr Pawel Wagner) and Cell Therapy Manufacturing (CTM) CRC (involving Prof Gordon Wallace and Dr Zhilian Yue).

IPRI has activities within the ARC Research Hub (Steel) (involving Prof Michael Higgins and Dr Paul Molino), the ARC Training Hub in Additive Biomanufacturing (involving Prof Gordon Wallace and Dr Xiao Liu) and ARENA projects (involving Prof Gerhard Swiegers, Prof Gordon Wallace and Dr Pawel Wagner).

All of these provide a conduit to many commercial entities as each of their websites indicate.

All enquires for end-user engagement should be directed to Prof Gordon Wallace, Dr Tillmann Boehme and/or Prof Peter Innis.