Sydney Business School, UOW’s student Karan Roshanlal Golani

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Karan Roshanlal Golani

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Karan Roshanlal Golani

Student spotlight: Karan Roshanlal Golani

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW’s student Karan Roshanlal Golani, who just finished his first trimester in Master's in Professional Accounting Advanced program at Sydney CBD Campus.

Life as an international student

Karan describes his life in Australia as a rollercoaster of emotions. Karan faced a significant cultural shock and differences in teaching methods when he started his study. However, with the support of the Business and Law International Peer Mentoring Network, community and university staff, he navigated through these challenges and got used to the environment more confidently than ever.

Impactful extracurricular engagement

Karan participated as a volunteer in the Sydney New Year's Eve event organised by the City of Sydney Council. He describes himself as an “introvert”, who enjoys doing solitary activities such as walking while listening to music or reading an e-book. This experience not only allowed him to contribute to a major event but also provided invaluable opportunities for his personal growth and networking.

Each achievement matters

When I asked Karan about his achievements, he mentioned something that made me pause and think. He said, “I'm not sure if it's a big achievement, but meeting so many amazing people from different countries and learning about their lives and cultures, has meant a lot to me. Sometimes, it is the little moments and connections that matter the most”. Interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is one of the biggest aspects to impact the richness of the international students’ experiences. Also, Karan mentioned a moment he felt proud of during the 'Showcase Your Photography Skill' contest held at the Sydney CBD Campus. Even though his photo did not win, seeing it displayed with his own written poetry reminded him that life is not just about winning, but it is about taking part and cherishing the small moments."

As he just started his study, we are grateful for Karan's insights and wish him continued success in his academic and personal endeavours in the future. 

If you have a story or experience, you would like to share with fellow students, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always eager to hear from you!