BAL International Peer Mentor Network

The BAL International Peer Mentor Network (BIPMN) program focuses on supporting incoming international students by pairing them with International Peer Mentors, but can also support students at any stage of their degree looking for further guidance. International Peer Mentors are experienced UOW business & law students who can share their knowledge and experience, and aim to build confidence in their mentees to adjust to both university life and life in Australia.

Being mentored involves regular online interactions with your assigned International Peer Mentor throughout the session, and can be arranged around the availabilities of the mentee and mentor. A variety of platforms can be used to interact with International Peer Mentors, including Zoom, Skype, and instant messaging.

To be assigned a mentor or for more information about the program, please contact: 

What are the benefits of having an International Peer Mentor?

  • They will help you settle in to your new surroundings at UOW
  • Allow you to quickly make new friends from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Learn about Australian culture and help you overcome culture shock
  • Get advice from a fellow student on making the most out of your experience at UOW
  • Get the chance to socialise with other students within the Faculty of Business and Law

Students' experiences: mentors support academic journey

Every student has their own unique story and personal experiences while they are studying abroad. For instance, the time they made their first international friend or when they joined a sports society and represented the University. It might be when they won an award or learnt a new language. Their BIPM experiences are as meaningful as any other.

See the BIPM experience story

Get UOWx Co-curricular recognition

BIPMN is recognised by UOWx and can help you to develop key employability skills to stand out when you graduate. This is a way to emphasise to employers the drive and dedication you can offer.

UOWx Co-curricular recognition for mentors UOWx Co-curricular recognition for mentees