Sydney Business School, UOW’s student Azjargal Batdelger

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Azjargal Batdelger

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Azjargal Batdelger

Student spotlight: Azjargal Batdelger

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW’s student Azjargal Batdelger who embarked on her 2-year master's degree journey in May 2023. Azjargal shared with us her academic and personal challenges as an international student how she overcame it by utilising different strategies.

Being a student representative

As she became the student representative at Sydney CBD Campus in 2024, we asked her experience so far. She claimed that “My experience as a student representative has been both challenging and rewarding” and continue “as a student representative, it is an essential to represent, consult and make recommendations relating to the academic life and social wellbeing of students. Student representation plays a crucial role in shaping the university’s policies, programs, and initiatives by providing valuable insights and perspectives from the student body. It has also provided me with insights into the complexities of educational institutions and the importance of collaborative efforts to create a positive and supportive learning environment. While there are challenges, the opportunity to make a positive impact on the student experience is incredibly fulfilling”.

Overcoming challenges

As a mother and a wife, it was overwhelming when multiple tasks and assignments overlapped when she first started her life as a student. As she reflects that her being as a multitasker juggling between the tasks, she learnt a valuable lesson. “Switch tasking is a thief”, implying that attempting to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously can be inefficient and time-consuming. Therefore, when managing multiple tasks, she prioritises them based on their significance and the effort required. She approaches each task one by one according to its prioritisation, ensuring she remains focused and avoid distractions from other tasks. She highlighted being present helps her stay focused instead of worrying about several things and leave the tasks unfinished.

Celebrating accomplishments

There were times when she faced the difficulties to complete her assessments due to the unfamiliar subject concepts. But her proudest moment is successfully completing an assignment with techniques such as creating detailed study plans by breaking down tasks into manageable steps which later received positive feedback on from the lecturer. "This accomplishment provided me with the motivation to consistently strive for forthcoming challenges," she shares. The recognition has become a source of inspiration, reminding her to face new academic hurdles with determination and perseverance.

The power of extracurriculars

"Engaging in extracurricular activities has significantly enriched my postgraduate experience," Azjargal shares. She is a former mentee and mentor of BIPMN (Business and Law International Peer Mentoring Network) and engaging the different activities that program offers allowed her to develop practical skills, expand her network, and broaden her horizons beyond the classroom. Her advice to fellow students is to explore various extracurricular activities, regardless of their direct relation to their fields of study, as these experiences offer invaluable opportunities for growth.

Staying focused and motivated

"Staying motivated in a demanding environment requires setting a study-work-life balance," Azjargal reflects. Her strategies include self-reflection, regularly evaluating progress at the end of each week, and celebrating even minor achievements. Staying connected with friends and family also provides essential emotional support and reminds her reasons to start her academic journey.

Azjargal Batdelger's journey exemplifies the power of time management, adaptability, and the enrichment that extracurricular activities can bring to a postgraduate experience. Her passion for learning, coupled with her dedication to personal growth, sets an inspiring example for fellow students as they navigate their own academic paths.