Anna David

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Anna David

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Anna David

Student spotlight: Anna David

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW’s student Anna David who just finished her first trimester in Master's in Professional Accounting Advanced program at Sydney CBD Campus.

Navigating Independence

Coming to Australia was not about going overseas; it was also our first taste of independence and responsibility, living away from our families. Anna, in her interview, shared a relatable story, saying, "I'd be dishonest if I claimed I do not miss my family and friends back home" However, she has now fully embraced the challenges of being an international student and finds joy in the learning process. Her focus is on achieving her goals and seeing the positive outcomes of her efforts.

Challenges and Triumph

Anna openly talks about her biggest obstacles: balancing energy and time. Managing school, chores, work, and staying connected with loved ones can be a lot to handle. Amid her busy schedule, she works as a Foreign Exchange Consultant, sharping her professional and interpersonal skills. Importantly, she emphasises that achieving simple tasks is a noteworthy accomplishment. She wisely points out, we do not need to do something grand all the time to feel accomplished which is quoted from her friend, reflecting her humility.

Plan, Keep Working, Refresh

Organising her schedule is a top priority for Anna. She switched from a traditional planner to the Apple Calendar app, seamlessly synchronising it with her UOW (University of Wollongong) Microsoft calendar. But her secret to staying motivated and make progress is keeping her eyes on the prize. As the importance of physical health, ensuring a good night's sleep, and incorporating regular workouts maintain her health during Quality conversations with loved ones, even over video calls, serve as a reminder of why she is on this challenging yet rewarding journey.

Extracurricular Adventures

Anna highlights her involvement in the Business and Law International Peer Mentoring Network, where she found support, made connections, and had fun. Additionally, her role as a Foreign Exchange Consultant has boosted her confidence and breaking through her shell in Australia.

As Anna’s chapter in Australia just started, we have already found so much inspiration from her story. Let us continue to support one another as we navigate the exciting challenges that university life brings.

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