Hanna Tannous, Housing Officer

Meet Housing Officer, Hanna Tannous

Meet Housing Officer, Hanna Tannous

What is your role as a Housing Officer and what support do you offer to our students?

My name is Hanna Tannous, and I am the Student Housing Officer. 

I can assist you with finding and securing suitable accommodation, crafting a standout tenancy application, helping you understand your rights as a tenant and general housing support and advice.

What steps do you recommend students to take to prepare themselves before seeking your assistance?

Check out this link to find information about accommodation in Sydney 

Also, the Tenants’ Union has ample information regarding tenancy and landlord rights.

In order to minimize the likelihood of encountering issues that necessitate your services, what proactive measures can students take?

It really is a case-by-case basis and housing can be substantially impacted by the housing market and external factors outside of the student’s control

When advising students who are facing difficulties, what guidance or suggestions do you provide to help them minimise stress and maintain effective learning experience?

Reach out when you need assistance!  There are support services in place to help you.  We want you to be successful!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch, no matter how small or big you think the issue is. 

What is the top tip you give to the students when they look for accommodation?

Be prepared, research the area and comparable rentals, get your documents ready for tenancy applications and always arrive at inspections with plenty of time so you are not rushed!

How do you typically spend your leisure time outside of work?

I love spending time with family, friends and outdoors in nature. I love researching and exploring new places and activities to experience!