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Antarctic historian shares tale of being beset in the ice at next Uni in the Brewery

Antarctic historian Dr Ben Maddison shares his story of being beset in the ice at next Uni in the Brewery on 26 March.

Expert pushes for sustainable makeover of iconic Aussie fibro

A UOW project has been used an example of sustainable building methods at a national industry conference.

Illawarra students design social marketing campaigns to improve wellbeing of classmates

Students from two Illawarra schools have improved the health and wellbeing of their fellow students through a UOW Centre for Health Initiatives’ Healthy Schools program. The program comprised a competition for students to develop a social marketing campaign to address a school-based social or health issue. 

Anti-inflammatories could be used to fight superbugs, researchers say

Researchers in Wollongong have discovered that some common anti- inflammatory drugs have an antibiotic effect, suggesting they may have a role to play in treating the ‘superbugs’ that pose a major risk to human health.

Smallpox vaccine specimen discovered in archives

The discovery of an 1841 smallpox vaccine specimen has been documented in a fascinating paper by public health lecturer Dr Kath Weston.

Not enough sleep and too much screen time linked to childhood obesity

Lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity in children and too much television could be partly to blame, UOW researchers have found.

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