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Great time to try: 5½ ways to make movie masterpieces at home

Here are five approaches to filmmaking that can challenge our perception of the world.

Miss Fisher and her fans: how a heroine on Australia's small screen became a global phenomenon

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is the most successful export for Australian TV dramas over the past five years. What is it about Miss Fisher that has inspired such fandom?

Friday essay: this grandmother tree connects me to Country. I cried when I saw her burned

Indigenous kinship networks link each plant to the next and connect us to Country. Honouring this way of being and engaging in fair collaboration might give power to our heartbreak.

How our screen stories of the future went from flying cars to a darker version of now

Blade Runner was set in November, 2019. What happens now that we live in the future?

Spring graduation ceremonies recognise student achievements

Aboriginal leader and advocate Aunty Gail Wallace to receive Honorary Doctorate

How a PhD student became an acclaimed novelist

A pivotal moment set graduate Dr Julie Keys on a path to creative writing

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