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About the Wildfire Research and Recovery Fund

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has long been a forerunner in wildfire research, counting many of the world’s thought-leaders in the field among its ranks. Prior to the devastating wildfires of summer 2019/2020, researchers at the NSW Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub – a UOW-led research partnership between foremost universities and the NSW Government – had already been working to understand how we can better manage fire to reduce its devastating impacts.

Research in the hub focuses on six separate but interconnected themes: mapping fire regimes and fuel, flammability and carbon dynamics, emissions and air quality, threatened species, Indigenous cultural burning and wellbeing, and cost-effective risk mitigation strategies. Research across all these areas will feed into an integrated framework, enabling land managers to choose cost-effective strategies that mitigate risks across the board.

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