Research themes

Our research

APERI pursues research in power and energy in Australia and transforms research innovations into a reality to have a more sustainable energy future. It is envisioned that APERI will be a world-leading power and energy research institute that can promote sustainability and resiliency, and foster innovation. The institute fosters partnerships with the industry by sharing and transferring research output to the industry through publications, training, and patents. APERI researchers actively collaborate to meet and design innovative custom solutions to the challenges posed by the global energy transformation in the power and energy sector, acting as an internationally-recognised power and energy research institute.

Theme Leader: Professor Kashem Muttaqi

  • Renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass, wave, fuel-cells)
  • Distributed generation
  • Energy storage systems (batteries, pump hydro, superconducting, fly-wheels, hydrogen)
  • Virtual power plants
  • Grid integration of small-scale and large-scale renewable resources
  • Hydrogen storage to support power grids
  • Renewable energy to power electrolysers
  • Black start using renewable power plants

Theme Leader: Professor Danny Sutanto

  • Smart Grids and micro-grids
  • Wide area interconnected clean energy system
  • Power grid infrastructure planning
  • Supply and demand management
  • Load modelling and load control
  • Energy savings and energy efficiency
  • Building energy management system
  • Distributed control in power systems
  • Volt/VAr optimisation, control and coordination
  • Digital Techniques, data analytics and smart meters

Theme Leader: Dr Rabiul Islam 

  • Power electronics and power converters
  • Medium voltage multi-level converters
  • Smart solid-state transformers and solid-state transfer switches
  • Sustainable energy technologies
  • Inductive and conductive power charging
  • Power converters for electrolysers and fuel-cells
  • Intelligent adaptive loads
  • Grid-forming Inverters
  • Data driven control for smart inverters
  • Hybrid inverters and their controls for grid integration
  • Component level diagnostic of reliability improvement
  • Industrial motors and drives

Theme Leader: Associate Professor Ashish Agalgaonkar

  • Power system operation and control
  • Application of AI and machine learning to power systems
  • Advanced optimization techniques application to power systems
  • Energy economics and energy policies
  • Complex, resilient and intelligent systems
  • Electricity markets and regulatory issues
  • Power system reliability and flexibility
  • Planning for future power systems
  • Power system forecasting
  • Advanced protection systems
  • Climate change adaptability in energy infrastructure
  • Network modelling and security
  • Power system vulnerability and stability
  • Emergency control following catastrophic disturbances

Theme Leader: Professor Kashem Muttaqi

  • Plug-in Electric vehicles (bicycle, car, bus, train, autonomous vehicles)
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Impact of electric vehicles to power grids
  • Grid infrastructure for hosting electric vehicle fleets
  • Hybrid electric vehicles
  • Vehicle to grid and vehicle to home
  • Hydrogen-powered vehicles
  • Utilisation of hydrogen in transportation

Theme Leader: Associate Professor Raad Raad

  • Smart sensing for power technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoTs) for energy technologies
  • Wireless power transfer
  • IoT for critical energy infrastructure
  • IoT for renewable energy and energy storage
  • Smart grid communications
  • Data communications for virtual power plants
  • Wireless communication for electric vehicles
  • Communication networks and data technologies in smart grids
  • Optical fibre sensors for power applications
  • Cyber security for critical energy infrastructure