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Be part of the solution

Cyber Security is everyone’s business.  It’s up to all of us to be cyber-aware and to keep the 'door' closed to cyber criminals. By staying informed, remaining cautious, and actively participating in our cyber security efforts, we can minimize the risks we face in the digital world.

Play your part

Use the tips below to help you become CyberSafe.

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Cyber training

Complete the regular cyber security awareness training.

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Latest threats & scams

Be aware of the latest cyber threats and scams.

Stop, think, verify

Email safety

Don’t click on random email links. Stop, Think and Verify.

Check for fake urls in emails

Verify email source

Check the source of the mail or message - hover over the link to see if it looks authentic.

Person typing on keyboard

Verify contacts

Never divulge personal information to someone you don’t know. Stop, Think and Verify. Check it is who you think it is – even on chat forums.

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Travel cyber safe

Know what to do when travelling – Staff & Students.

Install pop-up blockers

Install pop-up blockers

Never browse through sites that are filled with ads, links and pop-ups. Have pop-up blockers installed on your computer and mobile devices.

Online shopping safely

Shopping safely

When transacting online, check the URL for authenticity, make sure you see https at the beginning and pay via PAYPAL for security.

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Discuss cyber threats

Talk to your team about how to prevent work/ research/ study related cyber risks.

Group meeting

Cyber share moment

Start a cyber safety share moment before each group session/meeting.