Boy looks out to sea towards an island in Vanuatu

Fish in Sustainable Food Systems

Working with people in-country to produce solutions that fit their needs

In many developing nations across the Indo-Pacific region, people depend heavily upon small-scale coastal fisheries for nutrition, food security and livelihoods.

The Fish in Sustainable Food Systems program aims to improve the wellbeing of those people. We are a multi-disciplinary group, and our researchers have expertise in the social sciences, marine biology, fisheries science, economics, and nutrition. We believe strongly in working with people in-country to produce solutions that fit their needs.

We take a collaborative, integrated approach and work with partner agencies, researchers, communities and NGO’s to develop solutions with the greatest likelihood of securing sustainable fisheries and ensuring positive outcomes for the communities who depend upon those fisheries.

Our projects

Fisheries officer Pita Neihapi talking to the community chief Norsup Mainland Malekula Vanuatu 2022 Community-Based fisheries management
Fish-based livelihoods
Food Systems
Boats on a marina at Eden NSW Australia Fisheries and aquaculture for food and nutrition

Our people

  • Latu Aisea - Tonga
  • David Fatai - Solomon Islands
  • Chelcia Gomese - Solomon Islands 
  • Jeremie Kaltavara - Vanuatu
  • Isuru Kodituwakku Arachchige - Pacific Region
  • Rosalie Masu - Solomon Islands
  • Senoveva Mauli - Solomon Islands
  • Matthew Roscher - Pacific Region
  • Enly Saeni - Solomon Islands
  • Michael Sharp - Pacific Region
  • Maximus Tahu - Timor-Leste
  • Dorah Wilson - Vanuatu

Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Development (MFMRD)

  • Beia Nikiari
  • Leslie Tearawabwebwe
  • Rooti Tioti
  • Tarateiti Uriam
  • Toati Vanguna

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Vanuatu Fisheries Department (VFD)

  • Regina Ephraim
  • Douglas Koran
  • Vasemaca Malverus
  • Pita Neihapi
  • Abel Sami

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  • Delvene Boso
  • Chelcia Gomese
  • Janet Saeni-Oeta
  • Faye Siota
  • Meshach Sukulu
  • Regon Waren

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