The alumni award trophies on a table


Each year, we celebrate the incredible impact our graduates are achieving around the globe. Help us to discover and celebrate an outstanding individual you know making their mark in one of the six award categories below.

Award categories and selection criteria

Alumni Awards are made up of six (6) categories. All categories are open to UOW alumni. 

Nominations are open year-round, however 2024 UOW Alumni Award nominations close Tuesday 9 April 2024.

Please Note: An Alumni Award may be awarded to a group of two or more UOW alumni (corporate/not for profit entities as a whole are not eligible to be nominated). All group members must be UOW alumni.

Will be awarded to an outstanding graduate and/or group of alumni:

  • Who has achieved sustained success throughout their career that is noteworthy and exceptional.
  • Whose accomplishment(s) raise their profile and standing within their community, country or internationally and/or bring greater recognition to their profession.


Will be awarded to an outstanding graduate and/or group of alumni:

  • Who is 35 years or younger in the year of the award.
  • Who demonstrates exceptional success in their chosen industry/profession.
  • Who demonstrates significant contribution to their profession and/or community at local, national and/or international levels.
  • Whose work and/or contribution to their community or professions is likely to be an inspiration to the next generations of graduates and the community at large.


Will be awarded to an outstanding graduate and/or group of alumni:

  • Who demonstrates excellence and innovation in the arts, culture and creative sectors and / or whose efforts promote the understanding and value of cultural diversity.
  • Who has made significant contributions to society through creative and cultural disciplines.

Arts and Culture Nomination

Will be awarded to an outstanding graduate:

  • Who demonstrates a significant positive impact on a/the local, national, or international community through their work within the profit, non-profit or public sector.
  • Whose work demonstrates improvement to social, economic, environmental or political challenges of a/the community.

Social impact nomination

Will be awarded to an outstanding graduate and/or group of alumni:

  • Demonstrates a strong entrepreneurial mindset, creative approach, and innovative leadership within their industry, profession, field of research, or expertise.
  • Achieves outstanding recognition as an innovator by conceiving and implementing work in new and creative ways, showcasing a tangible and positive impact on the lives of others.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship nomination

Will be awarded to an outstanding graduate and/or group of alumni:

  • Who demonstrates sustained and impactful contributions to their field of research at local, national, or international levels.
  • Who has achieved recognition and raised profile through excellence in research, contributing to new and influential knowledge which advances the community, or brought greater recognition to their field.

Research and Scholarship nomination

How to nominate

Complete the Alumni Awards nomination form for the relevant category. Ensure to complete all compulsory fields and submit the necessary documents required.

Nominations in all categories can be made by a University of Wollongong graduate, staff member of member of the public.

A University of Wollongong graduate may nominate themselves. It is highly recommended at least one referee complete a statement to support the nomination.

The following groups and individuals may not be nominated:

  • University Council members; 
  • Senior Executive of the University of Wollongong;
  • Advancement and Communications Division staff; and
  • Members of the selection committee

Alumni are only eligible to win an award from one UOW Global Campus

In accordance with the Alumni Awards Local Protocol, the nominator must ensure the following supporting documentation is included:

Completed Alumni Awards Nomination Form including;

  • contact details of nominee and nominator;
  • statement(s) from the nominator indicating why the nominee should be considered for the award;  
  • nominee’s most recent CV (4 pages maximum). Please note that a print out of a LinkedIn profile will be accepted;
  • other supporting documents (optional) – e.g. media articles, statement of award, additional supporting reference etc. (10 pages
  • maximum).

Nominations must be submitted by the closing date, as indicated on the Alumni Awards website.

Nominators will receive written advice of the outcome of their nomination by 31 August of the year of the Award.

Finalists of Alumni Awards will be advised in writing of the outcome of their nomination prior to receiving an invitation to attend the Alumni Awards Gala Event.

A nominee who is not an award recipient but is selected as a finalist will have their nomination automatically carried over for reconsideration the following year (for up to two years).

Nominees who are not selected as a finalist or recipient of an Alumni Award will not be notified by the Advancement and Communications Division. It is at the discretion of the Nominator as to whether or not they would like to advise the nominee of the outcome of the nomination (as many nominations are made in confidence).

Nominees who self-nominate will be notified directly.

All finalists will be invited to attend the Alumni Awards Gala event, with the award winners being announced on the night.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you are able to nominate yourself if you meet the eligibility requirements. It is highly recommended you include a statement of support from a referee other than yourself. This can be included either as the compulsory nomination statement or as a supporting document.

Yes, you may nominate UOW staff members who are not UOW University Council members or Senior Executive, who are not members of the Advancement and Communications Division team, or who are not involved in the Alumni Awards Selection Committee or process.

A group of two or more alumni may be nominated together for an award. All group members must be UOW Alumni and meet the eligibility requirements for the award. Corporate/not for profit entities as a whole are not eligible for nomination.

All finalists will be advised by 31 August 2024. Winners will be announced at the Alumni Awards Gala event during October 2024.