About us

Woolyungah Indigenous Centre

'Navigating your success'

Woolyungah Indigenous Centre (WIC) is committed to increasing the participation and engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the University of Wollongong. We provide programs, services and facilities that encourage and support Indigenous Australians from entry to University, through to successful completion.

With a focus on fostering a community environment, you’ll have the freedom to embrace your Indigenous culture and an opportunity to achieve academic excellence. WIC is here to help you meet other students, guide you through university life and support your professional development with rewarding and empowering opportunities.




History of the centre

An Indigenous presence in academia and student support has been well established at the University of Wollongong for almost 40 years. In 1982, the Faculty of Education established a unit to respond to the needs of Aboriginal students on campus. The Aboriginal Education Unit then had the task of contacting all of the Aboriginal students that were currently studying at the university to offer them a place to study, seek guidance and meet other Aboriginal students.

Since this time the Unit has expanded and now supports Indigenous students across all faculties of the University. In 2006 the Unit was renamed Woolyungah Indigenous Centre. The centre continues to provide entry pathways and support services to Indigenous Australians pursuing tertiary study. The centre maintains a strong collegial relationship with our Indigenous academic colleagues who work from the Indigenous Studies Unit, in the Faculty of Law, Humanities, and the Arts.