Personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing or equipment designed to protect the wearer against workplace hazards. PPCE should only be considered when the hazard cannot be eliminated or where the risk cannot be controlled using other methods from the hierarchy of controls (Substitution, Isolation, Engineering, Administration and PPE).

PPE is the least effective control measure because the hazards and risks are still present. There are also issues of proper fit and design for different individuals. PPE can sometimes be awkward, uncomfortable and limiting, which may make workers less likely to use such equipment.

It is the responsibility of staff, students and visitors to abide by any reasonable instructions relating to PP, such as the use of safety glasses or appropriate footwear. Many people on campus may be involved in high-risk activities, either through their degrees or their work, and PPE is available for staff from the University in those situations.

Staff can contact their Faculty and Division Management team, including supervisors, to access PPE or to discuss the need for PPE in their roles. All staff should continue to take every possible precautionary action, even if they also have access to PPE.